A Three Act Play: "We are Wellness Chaplains"

Monday, August 19, 2019

Act 1.  The Shock


The Chaplain enters the open plan office.  Desks, computers, scattered paper.  One chair occupied.  A young lady sits at a computer with her back to the chaplain.


CHAP:              (with big smile and big voice)  Hi Becky, how’s your week been?

BECKY:             (BECKY looks right and left, sees no one. Looks at the Chaplain) What can I say, I’m on pins and needles. (BECKY looks down at the floor)  I went to get a mole checked and they removed it because it seemed bad. Now I’m waiting for the results...

CHAP:              (smile gone, voice small, leans in) Oh Becky.  When will you find out the results?

BECKY:             (rueful smile)  A couple of days I guess... I can’t believe this is happening now, summer’s just started!  What’ll I tell my kids?

CHAP:              (making eye contact) Let’s start with what you are telling yourself-


Curtain falls


Act 2.  The Terror


The Chaplain enters the office full of people and waves to Becky.  She signals to meet him in the hall.  They step out.  Hall is empty except for a company noticeboard and windows.


CHAP:              (with quiet intensity) What’s the news Becky?

BECKY:             (BECKY takes shallow breaths, eyes bouncing, hands wringing) It’s cancer!  They’re going to operate! They’re going to cut out a whole chunk around where the mole was and then they’re going to test that they got it all.  I’m so scared!  I can barely breathe!

CHAP:              That is such scary news Becky, but the doctors think they can get all of it this way. You can’t just think of the worst case scenario.  Right now you’re flapping, so I want to help you calm down.  Tell me what the best case scenario would be, what is it you want to happen, then I’ll pray for that to happen.


Curtain falls as they talk in low voices


Act 3.  The Resolution


Outside front doors in the sunshine.  Chaplain enters stage right, clicking the fob to lock his car.  Becky quickly steps outside and meets him before he enters the building.


BECKY:             (skipping with joy)  I’m clear!  I’m clear!  The surgery was a success and they say they got it all!  (BECKY shows long surgical scar and stitching on her arm)

CHAP:              (dances a jig)  Hey that’s great news!  I’m so happy for you!  You seem so relieved! (CHAP stops celebrating and makes eye contact)  We need to remember to be thankful now, this IS what we prayed for.

BECKY:             Oh, I am thankful! (BECKY looks upwards then smiles) Now let’s get out of the sunlight before I get cancer again!


Curtain falls as they head inside


The Master Playwright (and the role of Chaplains)


God is a playwright who is deeply interested in character development; and he uses all sorts of plot twists and genres and devices, things we can see, in order to bring about the changes we cannot see.  We, the actors, know our favourite roles, but he is always challenging us to leave our stock characters behind and show some true depth, make deeper connections with other people, be less of a stereotype. 

Like the characters in a play, however, we are not always aware of how the playwright is orchestrating events to shape who we are.  As workplace chaplains, we remind people that the script of their lives is no accident, that there is meaning and purpose to the plot, the themes and the other characters in the play.  And, when stage fright hits, we will be there to walk you through your lines.​

Join the Story


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Supporting business owners, management and employees as they face life's realities at work and home.


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