Better Together

The Bible is rich with stories of people dealing with difficult circumstances. A brief review of a few of these stories can encourage us to care for each other, stick to our principles and trust in God—no matter what.

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On Thresholds of Light and Darkness

We think— sometimes naively—that it would be a better world without darkness. On one hand, God does not have anything to do with darkness, but, of course, light is the contrast to the dark. 

As we grow, we develop a relationship with the physical darkness around us and become aware of spiritual darkness. We often wonder if any of God’s light can touch us there.  

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Praying for MKs during a Crisis

How can we pray for Missionary Kids (MKs) during a crisis like COVID-19. Read on for insights from Charlie, from his own experience as a missionary kid and then a parent of missionary kids. 

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15 Suggestions for Today: A Response to COVID 19

Our world is changing by the minute. We are familiar with the stories of fear and panic, but I am encouraged to see people sharing positive stories about how people are helping each other in times of crisis. Here are 15 suggestions for churches & individuals of things that you can do today in response to COVID 19. 

COVID-19: A response from our Executive Director

A message from our Executive Director around the COVID-19. What should our response be?

Greetings dear friends, Don’t worry, I am not going to add to your fears and anxieties about the virus.  I don’t believe that this is an apocalyptic event, but I do realize that it is starting to affect all of us, especially those who were down to their last roll of toilet-paper. 

Reflections on UBC Comagape Conference

Conversations with a Jewish Professor & UBC Students. These are Gord Carkner's reflections on the recent Comagape Conference at UBC.

Students from various Christian clubs at UBC emerged this academic year with a brilliant idea: Comagape. It included the Saturday Comagape Conference with over 550 student participants (including preceding outreach lectures).

A Collaborative Summit of 5 Church Planting Networks

Have you been encouraged in an on-going task by a new approach or fresh injection of energy? I have a recent story of OC’s involvement in a “new beginning” which is so encouraging! Here is the story of a 'first-time' collaborative summit of 5 church planting networks globally. 

Before I Started Something New...

When Diane and her family were transitioning from overseas ministry in Peru back to a Canada, there were 4 things that she felt God wanted her to know before they started 'the next thing'. Here they are...

Four Handles for Embracing a New Beginning

New beginnings are exciting to think about. They bring up images of growth, fresh starts, and hopefulness.

The problem comes when we fail to realize that new beginnings usually are accompanied by endings and the interesting land between. Endings and the in-between time can be difficult and challenging.

Time For God?

Encouraging fresh examinations and renewed beginnings in our relationship with the God who reveals Himself as Jesus Christ. We begin with two questions: What is time? Who is God?

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